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Yuffie Kneeling

freaking. sick.

Posted on 2013.01.24 at 09:46
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Okay, I'm not all that sick, just a soreish throat... but it's annoying because I sense that I will soon be losing my voice AGAIN.


So, my social life. I spent a large part of the day yesterday (well, large for me) texting Hayden. Texted Kim the other day. (My efforts to get her to update her freaking Livejournal have so far been unsuccessful.)

Also, apparently we're going to a party next week. On an aircraft carrier. For Dave's work. I get to wear a purty dress and be arm candy for the evening. This is actually fine with me. I know that in the past I've resented the whole arm-candy implication, but I seriously don't mind this. Not sure why. Might analyze this later, don't feel like it right now.

Then, apparently we've been invited to Mike's for the Super Bowl. ...I don't know jack about football. ...I could probably care less about it, too - though actually caring less about it would require great effort on my part. But this could be fun anyway - I've spent very little time around Mike, but I know that Dave has told him of my sarcasm, so this could be fun. Though Mike's wife and kids will be there, so I should probably be on my best behavior so as not to scandalize them. Meh, I'll wait and see what happens.

...That is all.

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