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Ursula - Yeah right


Posted on 2013.01.15 at 19:03
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So on Sunday we bought a cow.

Well, half a cow.

Well... a quarter of a cow. Technically.


We go up to Temecula...

...I really didn't intend to tell this story right now - someone remind me later - but long story short, we have half a cow's liver.

Let me illustrate something for you here. Half of this cow's damn liver is about the size of my head. What the hell do cows need such ginormous livers for, anyway? All they eat is grass. Honestly.


So it falls to me to slice this thing into nice thin slices for consumption. I suppose I could have asked Dave, but... nah, I got this. Except it's really slippery. And unwieldy. And there's still a vein here...

I spent the next half hour hacking this thing into pieces with a running commentary, which Dave found highly amusing, but since he won't get a Twitter all of my hilarious little quips are lost to the sands of time... or something.

Long story short - wow, that was difficult. And gross. And unwieldy. But the organic grass-fed beef is tasty.

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